Sunday, August 11, 2013

Too Cute to Eat!

Ugh, I really should learn to listen to my sister; she's usually right. She was right bout ING, Amazon, and, as it turns out, Pintrest. I've been addicted to Pintrest for several months now and, really, how did I find things to make without it? It' so easy to store recipes and keep track of dishes I have made.  One of my most recent creation? Hedgehog cookies!

Almost too cute to eat, almost.

It took some practice to get the cookies to form into hedgehog shapes. The recipe definitely makes it seem easier than it really is and the first few batches looked like a hedgehog roadkill. You really have to get the eyes right or they can come out looking like crazed rodents. Oh, and I used almonds instead of walnuts because that's all we had.

They are so cute, I did feel kind of bad eating them but they tasted too good not to eat!

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The Asian Pear said...

So cute! Lil hedgehogs! I wanna gobble them up and love them forever. :D