Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bookmark Clean Out!

It's almost Spring!!!

Lately I have been obsessed with cleaning the house. This would be a good thing except that obsession doesn't necessarily lead to action. I've been thinking a lot about cleaning the house, researched cleaning the house, and decided exactly how thoroughly I want to clean the house but there hasn't been too much cleaning going on. Well, that's not true. The last two days that I didn't work has been spent cleaning. And while I know the house is cleaner it just doesn't feel cleaner because there's a big difference between clean and messy. I'm getting there though.

Speaking of cleaning, here're some bookmarks I'm cleaning out.

Thrift Store Calling: Paper Sorters Gone Wild- You know, I never considered buying any paper sorters but my freezer is in desperate need of some organization.

Magnificent Castles of Germany- When I was little my mom used to have this book that had beautiful pictures of European castles. I would stare at them with such wonder. I love castles.

Homemade Chai- Michael is a big chai drinker and I haven't decided if my theory is right or not. Ever since he left Starbucks he's had a hard time finding a place that can make a good chai latte. Maybe I'll give this a try.

Make Leaf Art- Got to remember this for fall.

Not Just for Girls- A very interesting article but I'm most fascinated by the picture on the bottom. Why can't I look that good in unisex looks?

How to Pick the Right Wife- It's hilarious, then it's sad... then it just kind of makes you angry, then it becomes kind of funny again... while being sad.

Meet the Shallow Looksists Who Fall in Love With Internet Liars- Oh, I keep meaning to DVR Catfish.

In New Castle, PA., Trying to Break Free of Poverty- Growing up in an semi-affluent area tends to skew one's perception of what "poverty". My parents might not have been able to afford summer vacation trips and I may have had to share a bathroom growing up but at least my parents could afford to give me a future.

22 Terrible Things that Must End in 2013- Is "Stay Calm and XYZ" still a thing? Totally agree with a lot of things but there's nothing wrong with taking pictures of food. People like food.

26 Moments that Restored Our Faith in Humanity- Sometimes you just need to feel good about the world you live in.

5 Secret Criminal Uses for Stuff They Sell in Gas Stations- You know, I always did wonder what husband buys their wives those awful fake flowers in a glass tube. I never knew.

All Things Wise and Wonderful- I'm going to have to try that cracked china in a milk thing. I wonder if it only works with certain types of china.

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