Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bookmark Cleanout!

I know I'm late to the game but I am lightweight addicted to Pintrest right now. I'm in the process of moving all of my bookmarks to Pintrest. What should I make for dinner tomorrow? It's so much easier to decide when I can actually see the picture of the food then reading the name.  What should I craft on my day off? It is so much easier to decide by looking at the pictures.

That last part is totally made up. I don't have the talents required to make anything (that doesn't look like a fifth grade art project) but it's fun to look at pictures and think that I can.

So, while I continue to waste my day/be inspired on Pintrest, here are some links you can check out.

Zucchini Rice Gratin- Until recently, it never dawned on me that "zucchini" is an Italian word. Zucchini. Even though I have since abandoned Meatless Monday I have been eating more vegetarian entrees then before. This looks good.

DIY Project: Popsicle Stick Chandelier- It's one of those project that is easy enough that I can fool myself into thinking I'll make it one day.

DIY West Elm Morocco Headboard- So this seems super easy, though... Are you supposed to just lean it against the wall and push the bed frame up against it? Nail it against the wall? That reminds me that I need to start looking for a new deal on a mattress; our current one sucks.

 Spaghetti Sauce- One of my favorite dish of all time is spaghetti with meat sauce- not spaghetti with bolognese sauce, but meat sauce. The difference is bolognese is made from scratch and has probably simmered for a good bit. I can't argue that it's bad because it's good. Meat sauce, on the other hand, was made with browned ground beef, sauteed onions and a jar of spaghetti sauce. It takes, like 15 minutes max. It's the taste of my childhood! I would consider this recipe more bolognese then meat but I guess for her it's pretty dumbed down.

Fig, Olive Oil and Sea Salt Challah- Going to keep it real, I'll probably never make this. However, it's nice to think I will make it one day. I've always wanted to make bread from scratch without the aid of a bread maker.

Overnight, No-Cook Refrigerator Oatmeal- My sister gave Michael a yogurt maker for Christmas. Neither of us really understand why since we're not big yogurt people but, hey, something new to try out, right? I don't know if it makes Greek yogurt (and maybe you don't have to use Greek yogurt) but it comes with a bunch of really cute little jars so maybe we'll make our own yogurt and try this.

Faux Painted Oxfords- I'm a sucker for oxfords and I need another wingtip like I need another hole in my head but this looks fun.

My Racial Background is None of Your Business- I probably piss off one client a day by refusing to answer, "What are you?" I don't understand why I'm the rude one for not answering.

Top 10 Ways to Make Yourself Look (and be) Smarter- I used to bee smart. In high school, man, was I smart back then. But this article has got me thinking that perhaps I wasn't really smarter back then, but I just did more of the stuff that was on this list. That is to say, I wasn't smarter overall, just smarter in a different way. Does that make sense? No? Sigh. Maybe if I were smarter I could convey my thoughts in a more coherent way.

50 Home Remedies- My person home remedy is Vicks Vappo rub on your feet when you go to sleep (but some socks on). It works wonders.

Wool Dryer Balls Save Time and Energy- I already stopped using fabric softener in lieu of vinegar. It works well, the clothes are soft, it's good for the environment, the clothes, and my wallet. However, I do miss having that fresh out the dryer scent (vinegar doesn't make the clothes smell like anything, btw).

Queso Fundido- Queso can be eaten for dinner, right?

Easy No Sew Roman Shades- Well, we already have tons of cheap blinds in our house. I'm all for not sewing.

Sharpie Lamps- I can trace, we have a lot of colorful Sharpies, and I can stay inside the line. Too bad I don't need any lamps.

A Story About a DIY Table and Four Awesome Chairs- I got our dinning room table for $25 at Target. You can imagine what kind of a table you can get for $25 at Target. While it suits our needs (for now) I would really like a stronger, more substantial table.

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