Sunday, June 13, 2010

May Credit Card Bill

I was expecting SUPER scary. It ended up being just mildly scary.

5.7: Shell Oil- $23.08
5.8: Tara Thai- $18.65
5.10: Shell Oil- $28.74
5.12: Bertuccis- $29.62
5.13: Sonoco Station- $21.51
5.18: Wells Fargo- $423
5.18: Banjara Indian Cuisine- $26.93
5.19: 7-Eleven- $27.92
5.24: Safeway Fuel- $24.74
5.27: Chin Chin Cafe- $18.32
5.30: Shell Oil- $23.27
6.1: Akira Sushi Bistro- $31.09
6.5: Shell Oil- $11.71

Total: $708.58!

Over half of that was from Wells Fargo who charged me in advance for a home inspection that may, or may not, happen. It's cool, I get reimbursed if it doesn't happen.

Future home inspection aside, I spent $136.05 on gas!

I'm scared to see how much I spent on eating out. Nope, don't want to know, would rather live in ignorance, la la la la la! All the meals, except for Tara Thai, were dinner for two. I have to stop being so generous. Well, it wasn't really generosity. I mean, when you're about to entangle your finance with someone, all of sudden, it doesn't really matter if I pay or he pays or we go dutch. We did eat out more often than usual. I kind of recall having this, "Well, got to eat out now while we can because, once we buy a house, we'll have to be super conservative with our money!" mentality. I know it's a very flawed logic but it seemed to kind of make sense at the time... kind of.

Okay, so I had one bad month. I can still pay it off and, on the plus side, I saved over $400 on new brake pads!


jamie535 said...

Gah, are you going pool all your money? Not that you asked, but I think that's an awful idea.

Jin6655321 said...

Agreed, not into pooling all our money. I mean, it works well for my parents but I earn my money and I don't feel I need to justify how I spend it. We're not doing the joint finance thing, just like a semi-joint finance thing.