Monday, December 29, 2008

Bad Gift?

Is it weird to gift grocery?

I always have a hard time deciding what to get Heidi. Since she's a foodie who decided to get her food spending under control, I thought I'd get her some of my favorites from Trader Joe. Let's see, we have:

Truffle Brownie Mix- I've never tried it but who doesn't like brownies?
Sea Salt- 'Cause I like sea salt
Almond Butter- Soooooo good, oh my goodness, so good.
Basil Marinara Sauce- My very favorite (bottled) marinara sauce.
Grade A maple Syrup- The real stuff, the buttery, yet light, good stuff, that makes you want to eat nothing put pancakes for the rest of your life... not that fake "pancake syrup" crap.
Organic Dark Chocolate (72% cocoa)- Not the best dark chocolate I've had but still very good none the less. I use it for baking, it makes the most decadent, delicious brownies...
Olive Oil- Honestly, I'm not very discerning when it comes to olive oil. I use it primarily for cooking so the quality isn't that important to me. Since I'm sure she actually makes dips and vinaigrette, I just grabbed the prettiest, priciest bottle they had and hoped it was good quality. If not, at least the bottle will look pretty on her counter top... only you're suppose to keep olive oil in dark places where the sun don't shine...
Vanilla Extract- The real kind, the kind that recovering alcoholics can't have, 'cause imitation tastes bad.

All this in a nice Trader Joe reusable bag. I love reusable bags, not for their (questionable) environmental impact but because its way easier (and quicker) to bring in two or three of reusable bags into the house (that you can sling on your shoulder) than eight or ten of the flimsy plastic kind.

I kind of felt weird gifting regular food. It would be one thing if they were some exotic spices or fancy salt but these were just regular food stuff. It just kind of looks like I raided my pantry at the last minute, doesn't it? Oh well, she seemed to like it and it's not like I got her cans of Starkist and some ramen.


the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things said...

No, it's not a bad gift! I give hampers filled with thoughtfully-selected, and sometimes homemade, edibles to people who are hard to shop for. And I wouldn't mind being on the receiving end too.

Jin6655321 said...

True, true... free food is always welcomed. Maybe I should've wrapped them to make them seem more gifty.

the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things said...

Or throw them into a basket and overdo the cellophane and ribbons. Haha. Next year...x

laura said...

I'd love to receive a gift like that. Granted, I've never lived near a TJ, so I tend to view everything from TJ with rose-colored glasses, but I personally think you have a fantastic list there. Practical, good quality stuff that everyone can use. And the fact that they're your favorites makes it personal. Just my two cents :)

Jin6655321 said...


I hope that, one day, a TJ will open near you, that place is magical. The closest one is about 20-30 minutes away from me (which is far considering I live in a place where I'm never more than 5 min. away from a grocery store at all times) but I go there like twice a month, sometimes more.