Friday, September 12, 2008

Salvation Army of Manassass

So my thrifting obsession pretty much started once I discovered the Salvation Army of Manassass, my pit stop after the one in Herndon.

No offense to anyone who lives in Manassass, but it really is the armpit of NoVa. It's named Man-ass-ass for a reason. That extra "ass" is in there for a reason. The area is about as ghetto as this area is going to get- which works in my favor. This Salvation Army is located next to a cash checking joint, a title loan joint, and I think there's a pawn shop near by.

Pros: You cand find some real gems here, from clothes to shoes to bags to furinture to... bags! Oh, and don't forget... 25% off everything on Wed! Even without the sale the prices are pretty decent.
Cons: Parking is a bitch- a ferocious, mean spirited, evil bitch. Oh, and they too sort by color, not by size. And... did I mention that it's located in the ghettos of Manassass?

Clothes: I haven't really given the clothes much attention since it's sorted by size. I did, however, get a very cool Chinese top. I think a Chinese top would be over doing the whole Asian thing, but it was made of silk and beautifully embroidered (and it was only like $3!). I also got the vintage Levis floral button down.

Shoes: I've yet to buy any shoes from here but only 'cause they never have my size. Out of all the local thrift stores (that I know of) this place has the best selection and quality.

Bags: Bags! Oh the bags! They have an excellent selection of vintage bags. It takes a lot for me to not buy more than I need. Well, I still buy more than what I need but you get what I'm saying. It's where I found my Mariella Burani bag, my glomesh, my Longchamp, and my brown kisslock. The last time I was there, I picked up two more.

The label inside simply reads "Sample, not for resale" and "leather". It's not pristine but clean enough for a white bag. I'm kind of into the whole '80's longer strap bags. It's kind of nice having it right at hand level and not underneath my arm pit. It's a lot roomier than it looks and was my go-to bag for about a week. The only down side is that the magetic closure is kind of hard to snap shut with just one hand.

This is a vintage black leather, accordian bottom bag from Saks Fith Avenue. It's too small for me but I liked the uniqueness of the hardware. You swing the bar down to open the flap and back up to lock it.

Oh, speaking of locks... There was this cute vintage bag and I really liked how, inside, there was an old, type written, invitation from Peter Rabbit for Sunday tea. I closed the clasp and it locked. Eeps! I was unable to open it- shame, I would've bought it if, you know, it wasn't locked.

Inside this bag, it reads that the bag was made in France. There was another, newer looking one that read that the bag was made in Turkey. Hmm... I wonder where they're made now. The first time I came here I found an old beat up looking Coach bag that was made in the US. The oldest Coach bag I have was made in Turkey. All my newer ones are made in China. I wonder where our expensive bags will be produced next.

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Kali said...

When we were looking for houses, our friend gave us a map of Manassass on which he had drawn the 'good' areas and the 'bad' areas. Guess which one was larger?

- The Frugal Urbanite