Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Healthy Hurts

I grew up right about when the four food group morphed into the mighty food pyramid. Don't try to convince me to eat healthy with your new-fangled pyramid when, in elementary school, I was brainwashed into the four food group square via songs, skits, coloring books, and pizza bagels.

Part of me sincerely believes that any dish containing all four food group is healthier than any dish that only has like 2- which would make a cheeseburger with fixin's healthier than a salad. It's kind of like how my mom sincerely believes that anything she cooks at home, even deep fried spam (augh!), is healthier than anything you buy at restaurants and the frozen food aisle. With that mentality, this is my idea of a "super food":

Let's see...
Dairy: lots of the following- heavy cream, butter, and parm cheese
Carb: pasta
Protein: chicken (seared in oil)
Vegetable: spinach, mushroom, zuchinni, asparagus

It's a powerful combination of healthiness no? Oddly enough, everytime I finish a plate, my heart hurts just a bit and I feel like I just wolfed down a stack of pancakes with a side of hash brown at IHOP and all I want to do is take a nap afterwards. Hmm... so that's what healthy feels like huh? Very overrated.

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Kali said...

That sounds so good right now.

- Frugal Urbanite